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How You Can Plunge Like A Plumber

If you’re like most people, you’ve probably never plunged into a toilet. If you have, then you’ve probably never plunged a toilet like a plumber in Clermont, Florida. Plunging a toilet is an art—one that requires years of experience and constant honing of your technique. But it’s not just about plunging it deep enough or …

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Why Is My Toilet Tank Empty?

If you notice your toilet isn’t flushing properly, it could be a tank issue. Lift the lid (if it’s accessible) of your toilet tank and take a look inside. This tank runs clean water, which helps your toilet flush. If the tank is empty, there could be a problem. At Ark Plumbing Service we specialize …

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How You Can Keep Pipes From Freezing

When a cold winter’s night is approaching, it is a wise idea to consider if you should do something to prevent your pipes from freezing. While you might go many winters without getting a frozen pipe, a single burst will be enough to make you cautious every winter after. Pipe bursts from freezing are major hassles that can cause serious water damage to your home, even to structural components.

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What’s That Smell Coming from My Garbage Disposal?

When it’s time to eat and you walk into the kitchen, it is awfully unappetizing to be greeted by a bad smell from the garbage disposal. How can you remove this smell for your own comfort, or quickly before guests arrive? In this step-by-step guide, we’ll show you how to get rid of the gross smell from your garbage disposal. Plus, we will show you how you can avoid making this unpleasant odor in the future.

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What A Soggy Yard Indicates

Nothing is more disturbing than stepping out onto your lush green lawn to find yourself standing ankle-deep in water. When this occurs it is a sure sign something is wrong with your plumbing. Here are some of the reasons your yard might be soggy and what to do about it.


Do Trees Break Sewer Lines?

Many home buyers are drawn to shady streets with mature trees that add a lovely touch to the property and neighborhood. As lovely, and eco-friendly as they might be, trees can also wreak havoc with your property. One of the biggest threats is tree roots which can cause serious, costly damage to underground pipes. While it might seem impossible for a tree to break sewer lines, the larger the tree the more intrusive the roots. This increases the risk for pipe damage.

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